Moscow travel tips

In this section we have posted answers to the most frequent questions from our guests. We hope they will help you prepare for your trip.

Moscow tour information

How do I book a tour?

There is an booking form at the end of every tour page. Feel the form, and we will write you back very soon with your booking information.

How do I pay?

After you book a tour, you will receive a link to pay online through a secure payment provider.

Can I pay for a tour in a foreign currency?

We accept USD, Euros and Rubles. A tour price will be converted according to exchange offices rate at a day of payment.

Is it possible to change the itinerary?

You will have a private tour for you and your group only. So many of our experiences can be customised for your needs.

Can you pick us up at the hotel or should we meet at the meeting point?

We can pick you up and drop you off at any site by your request. It can be your hotel, apartment, airport, railway and cruise ship terminals. Please send us your location in Moscow via email or booking form on our website.
If it is a walking tour you signed up for, we can meet you right in your place as well.

What do I need for a comfortable tour?

If you go to the Kremlin and the Armoury Chamber, please keep in mind that this place is not just a museum but also an office of the Russian President. It means they have some extra level of security. It is restricted to take there any sharp tools, alcohol, any weapons, flags or any banners for taking pictures.
Going to the Orthodox churches please have an appropriate look (long pants instead of shorts, a T-shirt instead of a sleeveless vest).

Are the tickets to museums included in the price of the tour?

Please check the description of a tour you are interested; there is a section What’s included. Tickets to museums are typically included to standard tours and can vary for custom-made tours.

How do I recognise a guide?

A guide will wait for you at the lobby of your hotel. If you meet our guide in another designated, our guide will display our company name Moscow My Way, printed or on a mobile device display.

Will you provide the contact information of my tour guide?

Yes, we will send you our guide contact details on a day before the tour.

Can we go by car?

Sure, we can pick you up by a chauffeured car for any of our tours. Extra cost may apply.

Can I choose a different vehicle for a tour?

Yes, you can. If you prefer to take a drive on Audi, Mercedez, BMW, any SUV etc. then just let us know, and we will make all the arrangements.

I am a transit traveller and have a short layover. Can I have the tour?

Yes, we can meet you at the airport or the city centre and deliver a tailor-made Moscow day tour for you.

Can you help us with the visa application?

Yes, please inquire, and we will help.

I have a river cruise and will stay on a boat. Can I have the tour?

Sure, we can pick you up at the boat pier. We can commute to the tour starting point by taxi or by public transport.

I want to try traditional Russian food. But I am vegetarian/vegan / have an allergy.

Please tell us about your diet/allergy in advance, and we will choose food stops during our food tour accordingly

I have only one day in Moscow, and I want to see the best, what tour should I choose?

It’s all up to you and your interests.
If you want to see the best sightseeing, you should choose the Tour of Red Square and Moscow Center Highlights.If you are more on the historical and museums side, you’d better choose the Moscow Kremlin and Armoury Chamber Tour.
And the best option is to give us a chance to create a custom made tour tailor according to your interests. Just fill in a short query.
And don’t forget about your night – you can do a night Moscow river cruise or enjoy a Moscow Night Lights tour by car.

Can you book tickets to the Bolshoi theatre?

Yes, we can help. Please contact us.

We have children with us. Is it OK to have a tour with children?

All our tours are built with having a family-friendly experience in mind. So, don’t worry, bring all your family members on our journey and let us do our best!

I want to have a tour today, can I book on the same day?

Yes, but please inquire minimum three hours before an intended tour start

I want to have a tour today, can I book on the same day?

Yes, but please inquire minimum three hours before an intended tour start.

My hotel is outside the city centre near the airport. Is a pick up included?

We can pick you up anywhere. We will ask an extra fee for pickup if your hotel is not located at the central part of Moscow.

Do you guide in Saint Petersburg too?

We will help and match you with our guides in Saint Petersburg.

How can I modify or cancel my booking? What is your refund policy?

– If you need to alter or reschedule your tour, please inquire, and we will make changes. The cancellation policy for modified bookings is based on the date of the original booking
– More than 30 days before the start of tour: If you have an active booking and intend to cancel more than 30 days before the start of the tour, we will return 100% of the booking value (minus bank fees)
– 7 to 30 days before the start of a journey: If you have an active booking and intend to cancel 7 to 30 days before the start of the tour, we will return 50% of the booking value (minus bank fees)
– Less than seven days before the start of the tour: no refund policy.

Moscow travel advice

Do I need a Russian Visa?

In general, yes, citizens of the majority of Western countries need a visa to Russia. To successfully apply for the Russian visa you need a so-called travel voucher, issued by a licensed Russian travel agency. We can help you with this travel voucher. Please inquire here /link/.

Travellers who are nationals of the following 59 nations are not required to obtain a visa before visit Russia as long as the length of their trip is within the visa waiver limit listed here /link/ 

Is it safe in Moscow?

Moscow is a very safe place, safer compared with New York, Paris or London. Just keep the conventional sense, and you should be fine. But be mindful in some tourist sightseeing places like Red Square or most popular with tourists stations of the metro (like Novoslobodskaya) – pickpocketing of tourists is not news in Moscow.

When is the best time to visit Russia? What weather to expect in Moscow? Cold?

Better come from mid-April to mid-October (except New Year week, which is top of the top season). High season is June to August. Usually, it is quite comfortable during the summer, as the temperature is around 20-25 °C (68-77 °F).

If you want to beat the crowd, book your flight for May or September and early-October.

It is cold and freezing in Moscow from November to March, and it is not very walkable time, so probably you will have to spend most of your time inside cafes and museums.
Moscow weather is unpredictable. We will inform you before the tour whether you need to take an umbrella or an extra coat. A tour goes in all weather conditions unless it is unsafe. (never happened before).

How many days should I spend in Moscow?

It is all up to you, but in general, we recommend to spend 4-5 days in Moscow. It will give you plenty of time for sightseeing, you will have a chance to have a day tour of the countryside, and you can reserve a day for shopping or just doing nothing.

Can you recommend a charming hotel in the city centre?

We recommend

five stars hotels: Metropol, National, St.Regis, Savoy, Ritz Carlton, Peter I

four stars hotels: Azimut Smolenskaya, Assambleya Nikitskaya, Courtyard by Marriott Moscow City Center, Mercure Arbat, Pentahotel

three stars hotels: Apartment 27 Epoch, Veliy Hotel Mokhovaya

Can I take a picture of an ordinary person or a policeman out on the street?

Russia doesn’t have a law restricting you to take photos of strangers or people on duty. But you better ask before making a photo

How to exchange money in Moscow?

Exchange offices are all around the town, but it is much safer to go to a bank for exchange.

Are credit cards widely used in Moscow? Which payment systems operate in Russia?

If you have a VISA or a Master Card, you will be able to pay by card in Moscow almost everywhere.

How to buy a SIM card?

Go to a telecom office with your passport and order a SIM. Main telecoms in Russia: MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tele2.

How to order a taxi in Moscow?

The best way is to download Yandex.Transport app. This is a Russian analogue to Uber. Please use not an economy but comfortable or business option.

How to tip in Russia?

Normally Russians tip 10% of a bill or a price o the service (Round up to the closest hundred rubles).

Do Russians speak English?

People of the older generation normally don’t know English at all, so better try to ask around young people.

Can we pay dollars/ euro in Russia?

You can only pay in Rubles or by your bank card in Russia,

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