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At Moscow My Way our tour guides are excellent.  They will give you all the advice you need, and ensure that you experience Moscow to its fullest.  We will give you all the options.  Our private tours in Moscow can be a few hours long, a full day, or stretching over a few days if that is what you would like. Our custom made tours in Moscow come highly recommended, we only work with the best Moscow guides, our reputation is excellent and we ensure that you will see and experience Moscow city in the most exciting way.

Visitors to Moscow want to see the main highlights – The Red Square, the Kremlin, The Armoury Chamber Museum, St. Basil’s Cathedral,  the UNESCO sites and the city itself.  We will show you all the scenic spots where photography is extraordinary and you get those stunning Moscow views.

Whether you want to do Moscow by day or night, in a private car, on foot, or by boat, or a combination of all three, our tour guide in Moscow will ensure you see and experience Moscow, safely, securely and in the most beautiful way.

Tour Moscow with us – Moscow My Way.  We are available to answer any queries you may have, we offer 24/7 back up and we will ensure the best-guided tour you can imagine.

Who we are


Tour Guide and Chief Experience Officer

Hello! I’m energetic, I like to travel and I’m in love with Moscow, Moscow for me is the best city in the world, I enjoy going out, love good food and visiting restaurants and bars. I studied in Norway and Austria and decided to come back to Russia.

I want to share my passion for Moscow. Music, movies, tennis. Speak German. My mojo is to share with you my emotions about Moscow, not only all those historical facts.


Tour Guide and Hospitality Program Manager

Hi, I’m Anton. I had a healthy career in retail and e-commerce but decided to switch and after living in New York and travelling around-the-world for two years I returned back to Moscow and became a tour guide. I’m the officially licensed Moscow tour guide, and I’m specialised in countryside tours to the Golden Ring and I also run the most popular Foodie tours in Moscow.

My favourite places in Moscow, just to highlight a few:

  • Moskva-river Embankment
  • St. Basil’s Cathedral
  • Patriarch Ponds neighbourhood
  • Moscow Orthodox Christian monasteries
  • VDNKh expo and Cosmo museum

Can’t wait to show around!


Chief Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Ivan. Having been born and raised in Moscow, I accomplished the Moscow City University, the Faculty of History.

Living in such a huge city gives me the opportunity to keep learning its secrets. More details, more corners, more historical places are coming to me all year round. I will never give up!

The most attracting topic for me is the connection between art and the city developing. Almost the fairytalelike architecture of the 17c., the harmony of the 18-19cc. estates, the beautiful Art Nouveau of the early 20c., wide experiments with lines, forms and space in the rest of the 20c. provide me the endless inspiration.

Let me share this tune with you! See you soon!

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Moscow is our home and we love to share our history and our culture with visitors from all over the world.  We have a lot of stories to tell!  Our tour guides are all fully licensed and passionate about the city, Russian history, the architecture, art, culture, food and more. We feel that visitors to Moscow should experience all sides of the city – the new and the old, the historical and the modern, the tourist and the local.  We love to share all of this with you and would love to have you travel with us, for a day, a few days, or at your leisure, on one of our private tours in Moscow.

We are accredited and licensed guides and passionate about what we do.  Send us a mail, or chat to us online, and tell us what interests you.  We will custom design a personal tour for you, according to your times and your own passion.  Our custom made tours in Moscow are personal, relaxed, safe and genuine.  We will make sure that you experience Moscow in an incredibly special way, ensuring you leave Moscow in awe of what we have to offer.

When we are not with travellers, we still explore our city!  That is how much we love it.  We keep on top of our history of course, but also, new theatre, ballet, dining and art.  We would love to share our city with you.

Whether you prefer to see the sights from a vehicle, on foot, immersed with the locals, or from the water, we will tailor-make Moscow for you!